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Which game should I play next?

#11Yorkshire_14Posted 9/3/2013 3:16:09 PM
Mass Effect Trilogy with DLC.
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#12psprulz2007Posted 9/3/2013 3:26:16 PM
SkilzMC posted...
psprulz2007 posted...
If you have the Mass Effect collection (as in all 3) then that easily. If not, then RDR by a landslide.

I do have the entire collection.

Then Mass Effect easily. One of the BEST game trilogy I have ever played. Im not even close to being a sci fi fan. I almost skipped them entirely because I dislike sci fi. But thank god I gave in and gave it a chance.
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#13darren19822000Posted 9/3/2013 3:38:29 PM

it is a good game but out of the 3 you asked about id rank them like this


rdr was just too slow starting for me...but all games from rockstar seem to do least for me anyways

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