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Blacklist needs more love.

#21BBBanks03Posted 9/4/2013 10:05:24 AM
casedawgz posted...
I just can't do it without Ironside.

Iíve heard many people say this, and to be honest, I canít picture Sam Fisher with Ironside. Even before this game, I remember seeing videos and reviews for Conviction, CT, etc. and thinking to myself ďthis guyís voice just sounds so wrong for this character!Ē Oh well. Different strokes, yíknow.

But yeah, itís a really, really awesome game. Side note: has anyone else experienced an annoying amount of technical issues on the 360 version? Nothing too gamebreaking, but whenever Iím in the Paladin the game stutters around like crazy and the voices get a little scattered and never really match up to the characterís mouths. Thankfully Iíve never really experienced anything bad while actually playing the missions, but it does take me out of the experience.
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