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As we come to the end of this console generation, how many 360's have you had?

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  3. As we come to the end of this console generation, how many 360's have you had?
2 years ago#191
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2 years ago#192
Zero, never bothered with the system after having so many issues with the original XBox.
2 years ago#193
1, but I got the one that doesn't die every month.
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2 years ago#194
2 but then i switched to ps3 but i am going to get the X1 when it comes out IF they fix what was wrong with mine
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2 years ago#195
2 first was a used arcade model that got a funky 0100 rrod... as in it worked... some of the time but sounded like a jet taking off.

my second and current is the original s model.
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2 years ago#196
2, and that's only because i needed to upgrade from a 250gig hard drive and they didn't make a 320gig hard drive for the fat 360's.
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2 years ago#197
2...I got the very first 360 half a year after it came out.
Then it got RROD so i bought a Slim 250gig one.
Man did it feel nice playing those games on HDMI...
But since my first one got RROD i feel that i got kinda ripped off..
Same as when i bought the Slim one i got to buy one year or live gold for 80% of or something...
But a year later they auto renewed it. And i did not get a refund even tho i was against renewing it.
2 years ago#198
Just the 1, bought in mid-2009. It's seen regular use since then.
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2 years ago#199
I've had the same arcade version up until now. Never had any problems with it either.
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Havel The Rock:
2 years ago#200
Only 1, but I bought mine back in 2010 (2 MONTHS BEFORE THEY ANNOUNCED THE SLIM!), and it has RRoD'ed on me only once (in the first 2 months that I had it.

(thank god)
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  3. As we come to the end of this console generation, how many 360's have you had?

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