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Just how limited are the rewrite cycles on USB flash drives for a game console?

#1GuillermoGagePosted 9/17/2013 9:28:12 AM
It has often occurred to me when it comes to the Xbox 360, that if someone thinks 4GB is not enough storage space, but something like 20 or 36GB is enough, and 100+ GB is way more than they'd ever need, then they could buy a 4GB and a flash drive or two for still quite less than a 250GB console.

But then I hear a lot of people recommend that trying to use those for games is a bad idea because video games, by their very nature, have a lot of rewriting going on, and the flash drive will eventually stop creating new data or storing its data.

But just how true is this? Could you still just buy a 4GB for $200 (many retailers have suddenly dropped the price to $180 this week) and a flash drive, and be able to have downloadable games, and full installs on it?

for disc-based installs, can you store your save data or anything else that gets regularly rewritten on the internal 4GB while keeping the generally unchanging game data on the flash drive?
Could downloadable games potentially be programmed to work this way as well, where the data created by the user can be stored separately from the meat of the game itself?
#2CammyApplePosted 9/17/2013 9:30:09 AM
I have been storing my profiles and all their saves on the same USB drive since the option was first introduced.

I have had games installed to the drive at times as well.
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