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When did you get your Xbox

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User Info: Winternova

3 years ago#21
August of 2007. Had one RROD, got it fixed for free, never purchased a replacement.
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User Info: Groudon199

3 years ago#22
December '07 - Started showing red ring signs in November '08.
November '08 - 2 red lights in August '09.
August '09 - Still working.

User Info: genissage22

3 years ago#23
christmas :3

User Info: TakerIsMetal

3 years ago#24
#1 Nov 2006 (Red Ringed)
#2 Oct 2007 (Xbox stolen Christmas 2011)
#3 Christmas 2012

User Info: Samman123

3 years ago#25
Christmas 2002

User Info: davepesc

3 years ago#26
Feb. 2009
It red-ringed on me once back in May, but it started working again and hasn't had another problem.
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User Info: lita19

3 years ago#27
Spring '06.

It just stopped playing discs about a month ago. An easy fix I'm told but I just decided to get a falcon off ebay for $60 bucks instead...
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User Info: MasterFoxCheif3

3 years ago#28
Christmas of 2008

User Info: jay2101

3 years ago#29
I bought one when they first came out (it wasn't even hdmi) I forgot what happened to

I went back to the 360 just a few weeks ago, I got the E then right after I bought it the price went down 20

User Info: Not_Shippy

3 years ago#30
Xmas 06

I've gone through like seven of them since then, I got my slim two years ago and it's been pretty good to me.
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