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Doe the DVD drive read backward compatible Xbox games the same as Xbox 360?

#1TerraUniversePosted 9/26/2013 1:07:50 PM
I'm talking about the original Xbox console, not Xbox One.

I know there are different kinds of DVD's and I'm wondering if it's the same kind as Xbox 360 games.

Also, does the DVD drive on the Xbox 360 make more noise when reading a backward compatible original Xbox game or is it the same as an Xbox 360 game?
#2orangeneePosted 9/26/2013 1:10:49 PM
Much quieter.

I believe DVDs used on Xbox are dual layer too, I may be wrong, or it may be a mix. I never owned an Xbox.
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#3TheBlueStigPosted 9/26/2013 1:18:04 PM
There are single-layer and dual-layer original XBox games. You need the official HDD in your 360 to get them to run.

As far as them making more noise, it could be the DVD drive running at a higher speed, or possibly there could be something on the disc to unbalance it and create a HUGE disc wobble problem inside the 360, if that's the case, don't run it again, you could permanently damage your disc drive.

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