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So what is everyone's problem with GTA Online?

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User Info: NakedSnake1986

3 years ago#11
Yup the game won't load everytime I try to start the first tutorial race mission. I keeps saying launching session and all I see is a frozen image of the LS buildings and hearing Soulwax FM playing. Meanwhile any button I hit does nothing with my only option being to dashboard.
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User Info: DxZ99

3 years ago#12
Random Rollbacks for people who can actually play. I.E Buy a new house, fix up a few cars, have fun, take a break... come back and everything is reverted back to 2-4hrs ago. No cash refunded.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

3 years ago#13
Finally got past the first race, now it won't load, I get stuck on a fuzzed-out screen of my character standing next to... something.

The patch apparently kills replaying missions for money, so everyone who hasn't got to play is going to be at a huge disadvantage to everyone who has. Hoping R* resets progress, although I suppose that's not fair either.
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User Info: JackBurton85

3 years ago#14
Pretty disgusting and pathetically lazy of rockstar to release a game this broken. Had to rush it out before next gen consoles release i suppose.
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