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what was your first game?

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3 years ago#131
E.T. no joke. i think i even enjoyed it back then....why? 'cause i was dumb probably. i....i...feel ashamed.....:(
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3 years ago#132
Mario/Duck Hunt of my cousin's nes
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3 years ago#133
Breakout on Atari 2600.
3 years ago#134
MasterFoxCheif3 posted...
Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt

That should be everyone's answer.

You know that gaming existed before the NES, right? Even the first NES consoles didn't come with the dual game.
3 years ago#135
I know I had an Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 but I don't recall what the very first game was ever :( What sticks out in my mind the most though is Spider-Man & Krull for 2600 and Donald Duck's Playground & Bruce Lee for C64.
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