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Problem Launching XBLA Games?

#1Zerone18472Posted 10/25/2013 3:19:40 PM
I have a fat white xbox 360 with a 120gb hard drive... and recently I've been having problems launching Xbox Live Arcade games. Most recently, I tried launching Castlevania LOS Mirror of Fate HD and it launches for about 5 seconds and then goes back to the dashboard. Has anyone else had this type of problem with any other games. It did this with Serious Sam 3 and A.R.E.S as well.
I bought LOS Mirror of Fate and I can't even get to the start screen.
#2JoboHotepPosted 10/25/2013 3:29:09 PM
Did you try clearing the cashe to see if it would help?
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#3Zerone18472(Topic Creator)Posted 10/25/2013 3:33:09 PM
Yeah.. I just tried that.. : / Didn't do anything and I'm trying to redownload it now.