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Your Top Three Tunes from a 360 Game.

#1TimeShinigamiPosted 11/5/2013 2:48:48 PM
Pretty simple, and needed since this Gen is coming to a close. What are the best three songs you've ever heard from a 360 game? Here are mine:

Vigil's Theme, Mass Effect Series
Gives me chills every time I hear it.

Rules of Nature, Metal Gear Rising: Revengance
This whole soundtrack is So-Bad-it's-Good, but this track rules.

Theme, Assassin's Creed 2
Just really fits the game, and Ezio, a wonderful protaganist.
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#2WinternovaPosted 11/5/2013 3:30:37 PM
M4, Part 2 (Faunts), Mass Effect

Vigil, Mass Effect

War (Poets of the Fall), Alan Wake
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#3Unsugarized_FooPosted 11/5/2013 3:35:00 PM
TimeShinigami posted...
Rules of Nature, Metal Gear Rising: Revengance
This whole soundtrack is So-Bad-it's-Good, but this track rules.

That song makes the intro to that game soooo epic, but you absolutely need a hardcore sound system blaring it. I played t at my friends house with it blaring and I got goose bumps for the first time in ever. So I ran out and bought it for my home, and it was alright on my sound bar.
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#4OMG_AIDSPosted 11/5/2013 6:36:23 PM
*Throws the Max Anarchy soundtrack into a hat and pulls out three songs at random*

Those three.
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#5SunDevil77Posted 11/5/2013 7:28:22 PM
My favorite:
Hell, it's about time.
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#6ZuuFPosted 11/6/2013 10:18:41 AM
The part of the Halo Reach menu music with the Indian flair added, if you wait long enough.

The Perfect Dark main menu music.

The Perfect Dark combat simulator music.
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#7whiteboygenePosted 11/7/2013 10:45:37 AM
God***** that Vigil's theme brings back some memories! *tears* GOOD TIMES! Before my life got so complicated, back when I was just exploring the stars!

Red Dead Redemption - Every song in the game.
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#8pakathecatPosted 11/7/2013 10:51:41 AM
Sovengarde - Skyrim
Leliana's Song - Dragon Age: Origins
Opening theme - Fallout 3
#9simonbelmont2Posted 11/7/2013 11:44:37 AM
Yeah, Vigil's theme is great and I will always remember hearing it for the first time when I bought the game at release.

Here are my picks:

Bioshock Infinite:

Solace by Scott Joplin, I actually first heard this when I watched The Sting with Robert Redford and Paul Newman years ago.

The Saboteur:

Dance me to the End of Love - Madeleine Peyroux, the whole soundtrack is fantastic if you like Jazz.

Red Dead Redemption:

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#10MrMikeMaPosted 11/7/2013 11:53:24 AM
I'm going to second the whole "pull 3 random songs from the Anarchy Reigns" soundtrack.

But, I might stick "Let's Dance Boys" from Bayonetta on top instead....