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How many hours do you guys play XBOX 360 games?

#1SolnotPosted 11/7/2013 6:28:21 PM
Just wondering how many hours and how many times a week you guys play for?
I'd say I play around 40-60 hours a week, on average. Anywhere from 4-8 hours each session.
#2TheBlueStigPosted 11/7/2013 6:31:27 PM
Stop the "bro" s*** every damn time you post, it makes you sound like a college fratboy or washed up surfer.

Slang of any kind rarely if ever works on a message board.
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#3JRS511Posted 11/7/2013 6:39:27 PM
But it's an XBro.....
Don't worry, just dumb ol' donkeys.
#4MR_SorenPosted 11/7/2013 6:41:53 PM
According to True Achievements, I am currently on a 16-day achievement streak. I guess I've been playing every day lately. I usually play 1-4 hours at a time.
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