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have you ever played a game...

#1darkharePosted 11/13/2013 2:12:55 AM
vote! - Results (22 votes)
i cant play a game that doesnt have inverted options
27.27% (6 votes)
instead of complaining bout a game not having inverted ill do this!
4.55% (1 votes)
i like regular control options cant play a game with inverted
68.18% (15 votes)
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holding the controller upside down cause it didn't have a inverted control option?

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#2moondog84Posted 11/13/2013 2:30:53 AM
I prefer inverted controls but I can play with either control types.
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#3GrandTh3ftAutoPosted 11/13/2013 2:52:08 AM
What the hell is with these weird polls?
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#4N_T_S_CPosted 11/13/2013 3:45:47 AM
No. How would holding the controller upside down make the controls any more simple?
#5Dragon NexusPosted 11/13/2013 7:00:37 AM
Why does your poll not give answers to the question you posed?

Q:"Have you ever held a controller upside down?"
A: I can't play a game without inverted controls.

How does that answer the question?
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#6dark_shardPosted 11/13/2013 7:11:37 AM
None of the above. I prefer inverted, but in games such as Silent Hill Homecoming, I just get used to playing with normal controls.
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#7TheBlueStigPosted 11/13/2013 7:14:19 AM
N_T_S_C posted...
No. How would holding the controller upside down make the controls any more simple?

It wouldn't, it would actually make the controls backwards.
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#8Hucast9Posted 11/13/2013 7:52:25 AM
No inverted = no play for me. I must have the Y axis inerted.
#9MacDofGlasgowPosted 11/13/2013 8:02:05 AM
I remember reading in N64 magazine about a guy who had used a construction toy to flip the controller input (basically adding a wheel above the control stick so the stick going right was caused by moving the wheel anti-clockwise and then played by looking in a mirror to make mirror mode from Mario Kart 64 easier. I kid you not, this was a letter. I don't even think it was a joke given it included images too.

And no, I've never done this.
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#10JanayBerryPosted 11/13/2013 8:11:08 AM
Inverted is preferred in most games that require flight controls or the "aiming" controls (shooters).

The first game I played was a flight game, so inverted is what I'm used to.

My lady calls me "special" because I play inverted AND I'm left-handed lol...
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