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So, Games with Gold February predictions, start now!

#11-LordNoob-(Topic Creator)Posted 12/30/2013 2:09:29 PM
"I have to take issue with the adjective "decent" when referring to Oblivion. Oblivion was awesome and is one of best titles this gen."

I personally loved the game as much, if not more than, Skyrim. I used "decent" due to the hatred that seems to be shared by many of those that I have met on Xbox Live for it.

"Shank 2"

Yes, I think so. Good guess, I think. This was rather a popular Xbox Arcade game, no?

I would personally love to see some of the original Xbox games released for GWG. Fable would be nice, though I bet whoever is currently in charge of that would not be too keen on it being released right before the Anniversary edition is. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would be absolutely superb, though I doubt that it will be released, as well. There is no profit to be gained in selling old games without an option of DLC, besides that of promoting Xbox Live - which can be done with other games that /do/ have DLC.
#12-LordNoob-(Topic Creator)Posted 12/30/2013 2:13:17 PM
"Why create a new account to make this topic?"

Because I am interested in this topic and I found this website a decent place to discuss it? I plan on posting more here in more topics than this one.
#13HulkxxSMASHPosted 12/30/2013 2:16:12 PM
Why stop with February?
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#14-LordNoob-(Topic Creator)Posted 12/30/2013 2:35:53 PM
If you wish to create a thread for the rest of eternity, please do. : )
#15HulkxxSMASHPosted 12/30/2013 2:41:39 PM
Na, there's already about 40 topics doing this/that. Don't really see the point in speculating every month.

Why not just read some of the guesses which were wrong in one of the past months? Functionally it's the same as this.
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#16GamerguymassPosted 12/30/2013 2:53:26 PM
SixStringHero posted...
Gamerguymass posted...
SixStringHero posted...
I have to take issue with the adjective "decent" when referring to Oblivion. Oblivion was awesome and is one of best titles this gen.

You mean aside from them dumbing it down and the horrible level scaling?

I didn't mind the streamlining, for instance no more shoulder pauldrons etc. Combat was much improved over Morrowind as was the general game play.

I will give you the level scaling, that was broken. You shouldn't have to set your primary skills as secondaries to avoid leveling up. Other than that I loved the game.

I am not denying that they did some things right with the game. Mechanics they improved a ton, especially the sneak and steal aspect of the game. The same hit/miss thing can go to hell. I wouldn't have minded it being in there a little bit, just vastly.improved from Morrowind where it was completely unrealistic.

But a lot of other stuff sucked. Psychic guards that could tell you committed a crime from hundreds of feet away, and laser in on you. They took out a bunch of weapons as well. I did t use the spear or halbred but many did like it. No crossbow either. But most of all, no throwing stars! Or knives. That was terrible.

I know people like to complain a lot, but the more they "streamline" the game the worse people say it gets. Especially when it comes to story.
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#17SS_ArchitectPosted 1/4/2014 2:34:29 AM
Not sure what arcade game they would make free. Seems like they toss an arcade one out every now and then, If not every month.

I'd like to see:

Dragons Dogma
Mass effect 2
Mercanaries or the 2nd.
Any rockstar game for cry sake (lol)

But I predict at least one of the following:

Any star wars game (wide window, I know. Close it with the force unleashed)
Mass effect
One of the fallouts. Probably 3.
Alan wake
Aaaaaaand Deus Ex.

Castle crashers for the arcade, honestly.

What do you think?
#18hakmiyaPosted 1/4/2014 4:52:25 AM
Ewwwww a elderscrolls game on consoles without the precious mods. Even when it was brand new I couldn't stomach Oblivion for more then an hour. With the exception of the atmosphere of the lush green fantasy forest and ruins, I found that game to be total crap. Even if it was free I wouldn't touch that overrated piece of hot garbage with a ten foot pole.

I wouldn't mind far cry 2 though. The map editor was a pretty nice feature. The biggest issue I had with that game was the fact that its community was almost nonexistent.
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#19Tyronelio1Posted 1/4/2014 4:55:54 AM
two worlds 2, dragons dogma da or kingdom of amalur or sacred 2 fallen angel and I'd be such a happy chap.
#20Super CreaturesPosted 1/4/2014 5:09:14 AM
SS_Architect posted...
Mass effect 2
Mercanaries or the 2nd.

They would first have to add them to GoD before they could offer them for free.

And ME2 ain't getting added anytime soon, the system is not setup for digital disc swapping, and Bioware/EA most likely ain't going to do what it takes to get a multi-disc game released on GoD, if it is even feasible to do so in the first place.

Tyronelio1 posted...
sacred 2 fallen angel

Considering it has long since been delisted, I highly doubt that will happen, although, it would be a nice welcome back to GoD event to give it for free for the first two weeks after it gets relisted.

Although, I'm not familiar with the reason why it was pulled in the first place, so there may still be lingering issues preventing it from being relisted at all.
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