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What's Your Favorite Xbox 360 Game Of All Time?

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User Info: Joseph091472

3 years ago#1
Mine has to be Grand Theft Auto V.
OVOXO - Drake

User Info: SkilzMC

3 years ago#2
Bioshock Infinite.
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User Info: dtmr

3 years ago#3
Dead Rising.
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User Info: WeskerTeam

3 years ago#4
Gears of War 3. No question.

Favorite arcade game of all time would be TMNT OOTS.
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User Info: the36thchamber

3 years ago#5
Gears of War 3 or Vanquish. almost couldve put Metal Gear Rising in there too
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User Info: nazacuckoo

3 years ago#6
Telltale's the Walking Dead.
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User Info: hoggys2much99

3 years ago#7

The greatest game known to mankind.

User Info: Maeda_SP

3 years ago#8
Fallout 3.

User Info: Scoter81

3 years ago#9
Dead Rising

User Info: cdog21

3 years ago#10
Mass Effect
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