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anyone else sad that the xbox 360 lifespan is coming ot a end

#1SILENTGHOSTS96Posted 2/10/2014 11:04:49 PM
this was well been a fun ride got it last year gonna keep it til 2016 though im not getting a next gne console til this system is shut off. had so much fun on here playing with friends and stuff and now that came to a end because of next gen consoles! any one else thinkg next gen consoles should of came out in a year ot two
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#2Jedi454Posted 2/10/2014 11:11:25 PM
no the box-x 3 sixtea is trash.
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#3Justice98405Posted 2/10/2014 11:22:46 PM
I do see why the new systems came out last year, but I also think they could have EASILY waited another year or even two. But it's all good regardless. I don't have money right now anyway, so I'll keep enjoying my 360, PS3, 3DS XL, Vita, Wii and Wii U and PS games. LOL. I have PLENTY to keep me busy, and there's still some quality PS3 and 360 games coming out this year, so that's cool too.
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#4Evil SquallPosted 2/10/2014 11:58:12 PM
The xbox 360 should have been replaced years ago. Its such a damn old platform Im happy to see new hardware out.
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#5gilgamesh21Posted 2/11/2014 1:27:02 AM
Yeah, it's sad. Yet, 360 and I will always have Fall/Winter 2008...good times!
#6HeracylostPosted 2/11/2014 1:33:10 AM
For the hardware failure rates, yeah I'm glad it's dead. I'm on my second 360 and it'll be my last.
But then so will be my love to hate relationship end with the brand. I most likely won't get an Xbone, unless they come to their senses and drop the kinect. But that's unlikely.

So bubye Xbox.