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Post your top 5 chokepoints in gaming

#1blackhrtPosted 2/12/2014 2:09:40 PM
Those spots that forced 40 retries or more and you wished it was done so you could get on with your life.
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#2glassghost0Posted 2/12/2014 2:17:08 PM
All the poorly designed boss fights in Borderlands 2
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#3rhino504Posted 2/12/2014 2:22:52 PM
I've only got one biggie...

Climbing up those rotating spiked columns in God of War on PS2.

Whoever designed that should be banished to the infernal reaches of hell.
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#4bloodgod92Posted 2/12/2014 2:22:59 PM
The Last Remnant - The fight with about 100 waves of enemies out in that field with the huge Remnant looking over you, against an entire army.

Final Fantasy XII - There was a cave with either Ahriman, Zalera, Zermous, Mateus or Zodiark I think... where the boss kept splitting into multiple copies of itself... I just know it was purple/black...

My first time fighting Brock in Pokemon Yellow with just my Pikachu... after much leveling and grinding I finally done it... then I learned to make a Buterfree...

My first time fighting the Elite 4 in Pokemon Red (my first Pokemon game)

Playing every level of Praetorians, as I was not very good at that game, unlike Age of Empires or Mythology...
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#5simonbelmont2Posted 2/12/2014 2:24:56 PM
rhino504 posted...
I've only got one biggie...

Climbing up those rotating spiked columns in God of War on PS2.

Whoever designed that should be banished to the infernal reaches of hell.

Yeah, that was a nightmare.

I'd add fighting the Barbarian King and protecting the translator in God of War 2 on titan difficulty to the list.
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#6KaiceIPosted 2/12/2014 2:27:33 PM
Battlefield 3 Metro

meatgrind for days!
#7EternalIdolsPosted 2/12/2014 2:29:13 PM
Gears of War - the section with the Therion Guards after Cole
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#8pothocketPosted 2/12/2014 2:32:02 PM(edited)
Blue team trying to get out of that GOD DAMN TRENCH at the start of Dustbowl stage 2.
#9Santo3485Posted 2/12/2014 2:37:32 PM
Mystic Quest on Gameboy: The walk-around-the-two-tree-palms-in-an-8-shape-riddle. Wtf. You are 12 years old, playing an rpg on a handheld, with no access to internet nor guides back then in the 90's. I had to put the game away for nearly a year. Then I played it again and finally manage to solve the puzzle after almost a year.

I ended up completing the game. Yay.
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#10MR_SorenPosted 2/12/2014 2:59:17 PM
Here are two game sections that took me a while to get past:

The 7th or 8th stage on WarCraft: Orcs and Humans for PC was a sticking point for me. You get attacked right away, and barely have any starting money to work with. I eventually was able to win by surrounding a catapult at the edge of the map with farms and a wall section.

The Anor Londo archers in Dark Souls were another tough spot. You're basically walking on a thin ledge while flanked by two archers fire large bows / arrows that have a knockback property. I was able to get past them by firing poison arrows and then standing in a safe spot until the poison killed them.

Generally speaking, most games aren't very tough in the main missions/quests/scenarios/story. They save the tough stuff for optional content or higher difficulties. VR Mission #18 in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a good example of this.
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