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360 games with AI Allies

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1 year ago#1
My friend is going to send me his old xbox 360 he doesn't use anymore so hurrah! I want you guys to recommend games to me which involve AI allies as a feature. I already know about Halo and GoW. No need to mention those too, not battlefield or CoD either please. Everything else I am interested in since I am not familiar with the 360 library. As a general note, the more allies, the better. The smarter they are, also the better.
1 year ago#2
The Mass Effect Series
Resident Evil 5
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1 year ago#3
Yeah I'm sending him the xbox360. :)
1 year ago#4
Dragon's Dogma
Dragon Age:Origins
Dragon Age II
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1 year ago#5
preferably not RPGS
1 year ago#6
The Witcher 2
Star Ocean:The Last Hope
Fallout 3
Fallout:New Vegas
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1 year ago#7
As well as those others have mentioned:

Rainbow Six Vegas games
Ghost Recon games
Brothers in Arms Hells Highway
Operation Flashpoint games
Binary Domain
Army of Two games

Backwards compatible you have:

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games
Jade Empire
Full Spectrum Warrior games
Freedom Fighters(US only)
The Thing

A couple that have AI allies but that I would avoid are:

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City
1 year ago#8
Spec Ops The Line
50 cent Blood on the Sand
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1 year ago#9
Payday 2
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1 year ago#10
Unreal Tournament 3
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