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Are you Winning or Losing in the "Backlog Wars"?

#1Gary StantonPosted 2/22/2014 4:49:53 PM(edited)
I'm losing the backlog war in large way. I started 2014 with 55 games to work on. I've only beaten 3 games so far this year, but in the last 36 hours I've just purchased 5 games (Saints Row IV, Sonic Generations, Batman: Arkham City, Metro: Last Light, and Driver: San Francisco). I try not to buy more games, and striving to finish all by December 2015, but it's hard as hell to pass up those $5 -$15 titles from Gamefly and XBL. At least I'm not on Steam or I'd never get any work done.

Are you winning or losing the Backlog Wars on your front?
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#2JetblackmoonPosted 2/22/2014 4:43:48 PM
Losing. It's a work in progress. Playing Dead Island co-op with a friend, and Dark Souls when I feel like it.
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#3MasturCheeffPosted 2/22/2014 5:04:24 PM
Losing. 1 year ago, I had 0. As I type this I have 53 and potentially 1 more.
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#4ChiTownRedneckPosted 2/22/2014 5:08:46 PM
Winning... I never run out of games to play. 75 between retail and arcade games and still two days left in the ultimate sale.
#5vigorm0rtisPosted 2/22/2014 5:09:30 PM
Winning. I kicked the 'massive backlog' syndrome this last gen.
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#6The Top CrusaderPosted 2/22/2014 5:15:57 PM
I'm pretty sure I have over 100 either not played at all or games I only booted up once for a few minutes. I have slowed down to a certain extent, but yeah, these sales with some pretty appealing stuff super cheap makes it really hard to resist. Plus I finally picked up a 3DS recently and I've got about a dozen games on there to play through.

On the plus side there is so far no appeal for me with the Xbox One or PS4, so at least I have a good long while to get caught up. I might get a Wii U eventually but that usually just amounts to that handful of good first party stuff, so that shouldn't put me too much deeper in the hole.
#7HandGodPosted 2/22/2014 5:20:44 PM
Losing. The good is that I almost never run out of anything to play. The bad is that I'm back to my old habits of seeing a sale, and jumping right on it thinking I'm getting a deal, only to toss it in the backlog where it won't see the light of day until it's cheaper (or being given away via PS+) than the price I initially bought it at.

I am a collector, so it does satisfy those needs, but I did this a lot during the PS2 era where I seemed to horde games from sales and it was largely one of the reason I took about a 5 year break from gaming. Just felt overwhelmed with all the choices I had, didn't really know what to complete first and it pretty much made me lose interest entirely.
#8marsweaponPosted 2/22/2014 6:17:25 PM
Collector here. Failing ... miserably.
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#9ryanrolainPosted 2/22/2014 6:40:33 PM
I had been loosing bad but I have stopped buying games since christmas so I can make a dent on my backlog.

Trouble is sales are always so tempting, particularly when they are as cheap as the current sale, luckily I already own anything that has been worth getting in the current sales, so my backlog is steadily decreasing (for now).
#10Boogs34Posted 2/22/2014 6:41:57 PM
Backl8g is winning but not growing sinve next gen consoles have 0 interesting games out