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I am trading my 360 & all my Games - FED UP !!!

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User Info: OutcastN715

3 years ago#1
Damn, This has been like an act of god. I mean this is friggen insane & nuts. All I did was switch my 20GB HDD to a 60 GB HDD. If I knew it was going to be such as complicated mess I would have just stuck with using my 20 GB HDD & never would have messed with this process.

I been over my Relatives 4 Times, each time I was having issues, now I can not even log back into my Gamer Tag cause I do not remember my Windows Live ID, Email or Passcode associated with my 360. Since it is being such as Pain in the ass I am officially done with MS.

I mean why is this so complicated. Why can I not just enter my Gamer Tag why Do I need my Email, my Pass Code or my DNA or Urine Sample.

This is why I am keeping my PS3 cause it is so much simplier to use. I also don't have to worry about upgrading or switching or losing my PSN Account unlike my 360.

So Now I may have lost everything, All of my Achievements, my Gamerscore, & every DLC Add-On I Done. Just cause I don't remember my Email to access my Profile.

So screw MS, I am going to trade in my 360, & about 50 360 GAMES & get me my Final Fantasy LR & My South Park on my PS3.


User Info: glassghost0

3 years ago#2
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Don't take the bait
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User Info: Solo

3 years ago#3
getting moderated builds character

User Info: SolidStryder

3 years ago#4

User Info: brunbbmerc

3 years ago#5
a lot of things associated with xbox outside if the actual games are pretty bad
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User Info: OutcastN715

3 years ago#6
All that money down the crapper over 200 Bucks of DLC GONE cause I don't remember MY EMAIL


User Info: Liquid Snake2

Liquid Snake2
3 years ago#7
"They must find it difficult...those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority."
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User Info: MertensCW

3 years ago#8
Its kind of your fault for forgetting your password, but i sympathize and would be incredibly angry myself.

My brother lost his original Xbox name, one i personally liked calling him in game, because like you, he couldn't remember his password for that email. From then on i made it a point to remember it for him, just in case.

I know it sucks because you could easily provide proof of who you are, as i suggested he do while on the phone with MS, but they refuse to accept it. With that i understand your anger and frustration.

I am curious however why you think Sony wouldn't screw you over in the same manner. Not that i'm familiar with PSN myself, outside of making a PSN account in preparation for an eventual PS4 purchase.
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User Info: DeadMaster

3 years ago#9
Liquid Snake2 posted...

User Info: jediknight52501

3 years ago#10
call M$, explain the situation and i am sure they can help you out. also before you upgraded the HDD, you should have looked at the e-mail, it shows it on the screen with your Gamertag.
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