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Do you ever do game franchise runs?

#11FiyunPosted 3/21/2014 12:19:57 AM
So far I haven't found myself able to play like that without throwing in a different game in between.
#12fiasco86Posted 3/21/2014 1:35:51 AM
I always want to, but there just isn't time.
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#13ComradeRyanPosted 3/21/2014 7:41:06 AM
Mass Effect, Gears of War, and Assassin's Creed.
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#14Killah PriestPosted 3/21/2014 7:44:28 AM
When I was younger, yes.

Now I'd rather do something more productive, not judging or anything.
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#15stapler87Posted 3/21/2014 7:57:36 AM(edited)
I've tried, but I usually burn myself out and have to take a break. Now I usually try to space them out so whatever series I'm working on doesn't grow stale.

I remember playing Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood back to back and deciding to skip out on Revelations for a while because I was getting sick of it. I tried to do the same thing with Mass Effect 1 and 2, but I stopped after doing the suicide mission and just wasn't up for starting Lair of the Shadowbroker.

The only exceptions to this for me are the Knights of the Old Republics. I used to play both of those back to back all the time without them growing stale for me.
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#16AWarAmp84Posted 3/21/2014 8:06:48 AM
I'd probably get burnt out if I tried to do that with a series.
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#17Luke_the_Duke15Posted 3/21/2014 6:56:59 PM
I'm in an Assassin's Creed marathon right now. ACI, ACII, Brotherhood, Revelations, and ACIII. Finished Revelations earlier today and now I'm on Sequence 2 of ACIII. Not doing IV because I don't have it and have little interest after the ending in the third one. That doesn't mean I don't like the third one; it's actually one of my favorites if not my favorite. I just think the ending is a prime example to show people for what NOT to do for an ending. I'm not opposed to what happened, I'm opposed to the execution of it, and the fact that it was meant to be somewhat of a conclusion but ended up being the biggest cliffhanger in the series, let alone the fact that the final missions were very, VERY anticlimactic.
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#18joegt123Posted 3/21/2014 7:47:28 PM
I did a metroid prime run once. Got to half way through prime 3 before i got the dunwanna's.

Pretty much any other time i tried it, i got burnt out.
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#19JascoDPosted 3/21/2014 8:30:03 PM
AWarAmp84 posted...
I'd probably get burnt out if I tried to do that with a series.

That is what happens. Too much of the same gets stale after 2 full games.
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#20Oldskool_RulezPosted 3/21/2014 9:40:29 PM

I have done a Resident Evil run once. It took me like 9 days to finish, but it was well worth it. I really wish I would have recorded it too, since I had some pretty funny and great moments playing the games. Anyways, here's my run that I did.

- Resident Evil (PS1) Jill
- Resident Evil: Director's Cut Dual Shock (PS1) "Arrange Mode" Chris
- Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock (PS1) Claire A + Leon B
- Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PS1)
- Resident Evil Survivor (PS1)
- Resident Evil Gaiden (GBC)


- Resident Evil 0 (GC)
- Resident Evil (GC) Chris + Jill
- Resident Evil Outbreak (PS2) All scenarios
- Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 (PS2) All scenarios
- Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (360) USS + Spec Ops
- Resident Evil Dead Aim (PS2)
- Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (PS2)
- Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
- Resident Evil: Degeneration (DVD)
- Resident Evil 5 (360)
- Resident Evil: Damnation (DVD)

Now that I own and have played RE6, should I do it all over again? Not until I get Revelations. :p
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