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Is Dragon Age the most overrated series of this generation?

#1RahzarXPosted 4/11/2014 1:57:28 PM
Or does it get better past the 4 hour mark?

Worst story ever. Who cares about any of what is going on? Evil creatures were killed off before, they're back and you're fighting them. Wonder who's going to win...

Worst GAMEPLAY ever. Press A and watch your character devestate the enemy. Press other buttons to buff things that seemingly do nothing.

Worst INVENTORY system. Slow and cumbersome. A radial system that is actually a pause menu and a comparison system that just brings up 2 windows lol. Do you ever even use items? I haven't touched any of what I have picked up yet.

When does this game become the "masterpiece" that it is reviewed as?
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#2AWarAmp84Posted 4/11/2014 2:03:27 PM
No, Dark Souls gets my vote.
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#3RahzarX(Topic Creator)Posted 4/11/2014 2:03:47 PM
AWarAmp84 posted...
No, Dark Souls gets my vote.

Why's that?
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#4orangeneePosted 4/11/2014 2:10:57 PM
Not sure it's been considered a masterpiece by all but Bioware fanboys. The story is indeed standard fantasy fodder which develops into a more political one, the darkspawn barely play a part for long stretches. They're basically a motivation for everything else.

As for the gameplay, you have to be playing on easy to not find a use for buffs and items.

I personally love the game though despite it's flaws. The first few hours do drag though, and there are places the game slows to a crawl.
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#5coldblooded88Posted 4/11/2014 3:20:14 PM
You're playing the wrong version.
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#6Jedi454Posted 4/11/2014 3:22:41 PM
Nah, Dark Souls has the most overrated series title. Doesn't have a story, the lore is hidden poorly on items (I don't think there is a real lore to be honest), the combat is clunky and "challenging".
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#7shawnmckPosted 4/11/2014 3:27:29 PM(edited)
I personally rate Dragon Age and Mass Effect as overrated...but some people love them.
So it just boils down to personal opinion.
Dark Souls is no different.
#8ACHEEKSMALLOYPosted 4/11/2014 3:30:25 PM
AWarAmp84 posted...
No, Dark Souls gets my vote.

this. when the game works it can be fun but its riddled with technical problems and poor design choices
#9NemerlightPosted 4/12/2014 12:26:21 AM
You probably died too much. Anyways i enjoyed Dragon Age despite its flaws. Sequel was worse but it did have fun combat.
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#10darkness1018Posted 4/12/2014 12:36:12 AM
I loved DA:O, DA2 not so much. When i 1st got it i didnt know what to expect, after playing it i was amazed by how much i liked it.
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