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What Was Your Last Xbox 360 Video Game Purchase?

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1 year ago#41
Titanfall $60
The Darkness 2 $7
Singularity $0.50
Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare $30
The Witcher 2 $10
Tales of Vesperia $5
Dark Souls $5
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1 year ago#42
I'll just do tomorrows purchases now.

South Park: Stick of Truth

Probably Two Worlds 2 as well.
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1 year ago#43
NBA 2K14. I made that my last purchase for Xbox 360 before making the decision to never buy one again, considering the fact that I don't play it much anymore.
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1 year ago#44
a used copy of "Halo 3 ODST" ($5 on Ebay)
1 year ago#45
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2
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1 year ago#46
Halo Wars on sale. Already have the game but it has the circle of death from someone moving my console.

Eyeing the Purple controller while on sale.
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1 year ago#47
Prey. $1.
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1 year ago#48
This is probably cheating (well, sort of) but...

Rayman Legends (for a relative of mine, new)
Dead Space 3 (for myself, used)
1 year ago#49
Oblivion. I have no idea if it's even good or not.

Stupid TRU sales....
1 year ago#50
PES 2014 from Games on Demand.
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