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No video apps during free trial?

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2 years ago#1
I have a 14 day trial im using right now and im im trying to use mlb tv and it wont work is that because its a xbox free trial?
2 years ago#2
Yep. Somewhere in the fine print it should say the code only gives access to multiplayer. That's how the trial codes usually are.
2 years ago#3
thanks never knew that
2 years ago#4
need a 30 day trial for video apps.
2 years ago#5
Youtube works, Netflix works, Amazon Video works, Gametrailers works etc

I'm in the UK and the only video app that doesn't work on a trial is 4OD.

This is all on 48hr codes, I've done a whole 8 days on them before too. Maybe it works differently in the US.
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