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Halo 2 Anniversay for Xbox 360, Please!

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2 years ago#81
ssj5goku2005 posted...
fiasco86 posted...
No, that's silly. Time to focus on next gen. This is coming from somebody who doesn't own a next gen console.

This...I used to think a 360 version would be awesome, too...but after seeing what they can do with games that are exclusive to 8th gen...I'm pretty much ready for cross-gen to end

To be honest...I'm actually a little mad Mortal Kombat X is cross-gen...and I'm glad Halo: MCC is exclusive to next-gen

And considering this is supposed to be a huge system seller for MS...I'm sure they wouldn't even consider bringing it to last gen

Read through the topic and see why ending cross-gen too soon is a bad idea.

And please do explain in detail exactly how a 10 year old game that has nothing more than a graphics filter applied to it just like Halo CE:A, with the same tired old bugged up gameplay as the original version of Halo 2 is supposed to be some kind of "system seller".

Brand new exclusive IP's can be system sellers, but not a 10 year old rehash with unchanged gameplay.
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