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Would anyone else like this as a possible games for gold?

#1KamataAngelusXPosted 7/5/2014 8:41:17 PM
For Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus to be offered as a games for gold with the servers returning with a free to play model and no subscription. Because at this point I just miss Phantasy Star on consoles and at the rate it's going it will probably never happen let alone a release outside of Japan sadly.

To me this would seem as the perfect judging point if Sega partnered with Microsoft to have this sort of thing happen and determine if there is interest people playing Phantasy Star (online) again outside of Japan (because Sega is clearly blind to fans at this point anymore).
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#2AltiarLioPosted 7/5/2014 8:54:52 PM
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#3feared4powerPosted 7/5/2014 8:59:40 PM
i posted on that voice website to bring back psu. I miss that game.
#4scoobydoobydontPosted 7/5/2014 9:10:45 PM
AltiarLio posted...

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