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Best racing game

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2 years ago#11
robster_2005 posted...
Split Second is pretty good fun and has an element of customisation.
Isn't that just colors, though? I took the TC to be meaning customization that affects the driving.

If TC wants arcade racers, there's Midnight Club and Fatal Inertia...
2 years ago#12
Yeah that's a fair point, but you have to try and choose the right car for each race and they all handle differently.
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2 years ago#13
imo f12013 is blowing forza out of the water, but im still having lots of fun with dirt3.
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2 years ago#14
Forza or Most Wanted 2005
2 years ago#15
Couldn't help you. I'm not a racist.
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2 years ago#16
Shift 1 doesnt have customization options. Shift 2 does. Just like forza and gran turismo. Theres a handful of people who play it online. If you can catch them you can add them.

The graphics are nicer than the first and theres nightracing. The cars control very nicely. Very fun racer. Some people complain about a racing wheel with shift 2. Not sure why as I usea controller, and the in car view is the only way to go. Also in shift 2 your drivers head turns towards upcoming corners looking into the bend of the turn.
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2 years ago#17
Overburdened posted...
Midnight Club LA:

Lots of customisation, not a massive amount of paint colours. Lots of rims, bodykits, wheels sizes, etc. Arcade Racer.

i picked this up for like $4 during one of the late 2013 sales, and was hugely disappointed. this game has some of the most atrocious input lag I've ever seen. and no it's not my TV, because it's an issue specific to this game, where other games of mine are fine.
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