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Will the next DMC be continuation of the main series or the remake?

#11LightbornePosted 7/28/2014 3:30:23 PM
I found the reboot good, it has a variety of things that an action hack and slash needs a coherent story bit butchers bu cheesy voice acting. While I agree I really enjoyed the first and third over the top stuff and gameplay was deeper. But the reboot certainly has its points.
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#12temoorashraf(Topic Creator)Posted 7/28/2014 3:40:41 PM
Wolfie80 posted...
I think I liked the reboot so much because I had nothing to compare it to. If i had played the other games in the series i may feel the same as you TC but as it stands outside of Max Payne 3 it is my most played game (4 playthroughs on each). Hell and Hell is next and not looking forward to virgil, i know devil trigger will make ost of the run cake but eveything i hear is that virgil is a pain.

Its funny because i am with you on Bayonetta, the game itself is pretty amazing but I am piling up stone awards whereas I generally get ss ranks at least on most all my DmC levels. I probably just need to spend a little more time with it.

the genre itself is quickly becoming my favorite, I still love the sandbox style, but between the challenges/collectibles/combat of hack and slash they challenge me more than most other games and give me the greatest satisfaction upon completion.

Don't worry much about it.
The good thing is, that there isn't any nonsense before the fight. You skip a cutscene and start, and it can make retrying a lot less annoying.
Just remember to use demon and angel dodge smartly.

Bayonetta requires more knowledge of the stages.
You can die easily due to QTE's and some platforming sections.
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