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Favorite thing to eat while gaming?

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User Info: dtmr

2 years ago#101
Dtoohey posted...
Eating isn't my issues it's drinking. Adult beverages go down quite smoothly while gaming.

Juvenile beverages are good as well. I often melt a Hershey bar into my two liter of Mountain Dew before owning n00bs on Minecraft.
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User Info: esoteric42

2 years ago#102
Kitty cat or sausage, depending on my mood. Sometimes both, if I'm lucky.

User Info: Vendreo

2 years ago#103

User Info: LinkIsSpartan

2 years ago#104
anything, mostly chips, pringles, pistachios
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User Info: Tyler_NinjaCat

2 years ago#105
kennyynnoo posted...
Water, that's all. I don't want food on my controller or couch.

This is until you spill some on your controller. My A button hasn't been the same ever since.

And Pizza. I LOVE it. Always wipe my hands before picking up my controller though so it doesn't get all greasy or anything
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User Info: dravenite

2 years ago#106
Chex Mix for me. No powder residue, just salty goodness. And those bread chips!
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User Info: lilbitz92

2 years ago#107
Sunflower Seeds

User Info: andri_g

2 years ago#108
Sweet and saucy long ribs. "Why so serious?" ?:{p}

The sauce cements my fingers to the controller so they're a better snack for button mashers than for twitch games.

Edit: Seriously though, I like to keep things clean. Dry cereal or snack mix only while gaming; I leave the ribs until after I've reached a savable progress point.

User Info: Mr Penguin 007

Mr Penguin 007
2 years ago#109
My girlfriend. Then I get a head shot... Right between the eyes.
GT: Coltonius (Official Lion Warrior of GameFAQs)
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User Info: Izzybells

2 years ago#110
Wine coolers. Doesn't get me drunk where I cant shoot worth sh*t but buzzed enough to enjoy the game just a little more. Or Pringles just cuz they're Pringles.
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