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Subtitles in gaming on or off?

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2 years ago#31
Always on.

I just prefer reading the story/dialogue over hearing it.
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2 years ago#32
Always on.

I also watch TV and movies with the Closed Captioning on.
2 years ago#33
On. You'll never know when something loud will happen in your vicinity. In my case, it's a train.
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2 years ago#34
I have them on because a lot of games have weird audio levels. Ive played games with sound effects low and voices high and still had problems hearing dialogue because of overly loud ambient sound effects.
2 years ago#35
Like television captioning or subtitles, sometimes the characters say something different than the words on-screen.

This usually makes for interesting, awkward, and humorous moments.
2 years ago#36
Usually off. But lately I've been playing with them on almost exclusively and I'm loving it.
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2 years ago#37

Don't like missing stuff that is being said because there is an explosion, gunfire or something drowning out the voice.
2 years ago#38

For the sake of reading subtle dialogue I might have missed otherwise.
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2 years ago#39
Off. I got a bit of ADD and hearing and paying attention to conversations is good practice for real life social situations were subs aren't on option. Those tritton surround sound headsets work miracles too. Can have my sound as high as I want it whenever I want....Dead Space is 100x better with them on too. All I need now is a virtual headset.
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2 years ago#40
Dragon Nexus posted...
dr_zomberg posted...
Or when the really British accent is being used

Well you can understand this sentence can't you?
What's your problem with brits, ya damn racist!!

This post is a joke, btw. Please don't take it literally

that is hardly british. im talking eilza-level (from family guy) british.
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