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State of Decay - overrated?

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1 year ago#1
All I heard was awesome things about this game. I started it and enjoyed it. Now I've built up a community and some outposts. Now i'm starting to get bored. I feel like now I'm just doing the same couple repetitive quests outside of a couple pretty shallow main quest/side quest stuff.

Anytime I drive somewhere to get more construction materials ,etc I'm suddenly bombarded with a couple 'help your ally' quests where I have to travel across the map to save them and take them back home. Sometimes I just don't because I feel its a waste of time.

Ferals can kill you instantly too I noticed so traveling by yourself without a car is pretty much instant death once one find you with a couple regular zombies.

The story line seems to be almost non-existent besides the occassional 'army activity' quick scenes that have come up.

Granted - I see tons of potential with this game and the idea is very promising, however most of the execution is more of a chore than enjoyable for so many of the types of quests and building up of the community.

Plus losing stuff while off-line should be an option. If I take a couple days off half my community is sick, lost or worse. That's annoying.
1 year ago#2
And why should anyone give you a serious response?

Get better
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1 year ago#3
Better at what? The game? I'm doing fine it. Doesn't mean that the quests aren't repetitive and the overall scope is hindered by fetch-chore quests *shrugs*
1 year ago#4
Just go and save like 20 or 30 more of your friends and do like 20 more side missions and it'll get less repetitive.
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1 year ago#5
I remember when the game first came out, I experienced annoying bugs throughout my entire playthough. Got about 90% of the way through the game, encountered a bug that stopped story progress permanently. Tried to fix it for like a week. Posted on the official forums, no response.

Never played it again.
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1 year ago#6
I got the game at 9.99 but I would've been kind of annoyed had I spent $20
1 year ago#7
Yea, I've had to stop and reload a couple times due to the quest locations not showing up. I got in a car to drop off goods with some hispanic guy and the game gave me no map or direction to where I needed to go. I drove around thinking it would pop up until I realized 'crap, its a bug'. I reloaded and BAM! ... quest indictation came up.
1 year ago#8
I also think it's overrated. It does nothing really good.
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1 year ago#9
I tried the demo but the game seemed tedious with too much babysitting and running errands. Some of the gameplay mechanics also seemed a bit odd and counterintuitive.
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1 year ago#10
No matter the game, someone will say that is overrated...
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