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What 360 game have you played the most?

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11 months ago#1
If you don't know how many hours, how many playthroughs?

For me, Dark Souls. Around 80 hours, currently on my 3rd playthrough off and on
11 months ago#2
Probably EDF 2017.
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11 months ago#3
GorillaInHoagie posted...
Probably EDF 2017.

This makes my top 5 for sure. 2025 as well.

Fallout 3, NHL 13/NHL 14, Call of Duty 4, Borderlands, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 I have sunk a ton of time into as well.
11 months ago#4
Kingdoms of Amalur
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11 months ago#5
No idea on the hours spent but either:

Fallout 3
Mass Effect 2
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11 months ago#6
530 hours on Gears of War 3 online multiplayer
11 months ago#7
I've spent a lot of time on black ops 2.
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11 months ago#8
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. One can only hope for a new full-fledged Vietnam War Battlefield game on the Xbox One & PS4 with 64 player Conquest support.
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11 months ago#9
Gotta be Skyrim.
11 months ago#10
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