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Disc cleaning tips please.

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User Info: MertensCW

2 years ago#31
beautifuldreams posted...
spit and a clean t-shirt

Tried and tested by kids with carts to discs.
Can't go wrong with tried and tested from the dawn of videogame time.
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User Info: Lerdothought

2 years ago#32
The toothpaste trick worked with me, i bought a used copy of Prey, scratches all over, i got the unreadable disc problem, cleaning with a cloth didn't worked but toothpaste did the trick.

User Info: helIy

2 years ago#33
Crest toothpaste.

works everytime.

well, actually taking care of your expensive **** works better, but people can't always be assed to put things back in the case or not move something.
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User Info: Horoto

2 years ago#34
Take it to a mom and pop game shop that has a disc resurfacer. They will take off a layer, or two, and you will be good to go. About 3 bucks.
"Well since you bolded that, we have no choice but to deal with it..." - Duh_Bad_Guy
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