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Is Guardians of Middle-Earth a good game?

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11 months ago#1
What you think?
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11 months ago#2
I got it when it was on sale for a dollar during last year's summer sale (I believe).

I haven't played much, but it seems pretty solid for what it is.
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11 months ago#3
My only complaint was that I always would get paired up with people not wanting to team play and then getting matched against a group of people that were playing together. It was a pretty fun game when it wasn't completely I'ver sided.
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11 months ago#4
Just download Airmech Arena same type of game and its FREE.
11 months ago#5
Did you download Airmech Arena yet? Its in the arcade section on the dashboard.
11 months ago#6
Airmech was nearly unplayable when I tried it, way too much latency for a MOBA.

GoME controls well for a genre that typically uses kbm, but the community is pretty sparse. They even had a free migration thing a while back where you could switch to the PC version in an effort to consolidate the communities.
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11 months ago#7
They fixed Airmech. Doesn't lag anymore and you can get into games really quick.
11 months ago#8
nintendo3000 posted...
What you think?

Really enjoyed the couch coop split screen with my bro.the right way to play it :)
11 months ago#9
I enjoy it, surprisingly easy to find matches online too.
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11 months ago#10
My biggest complaint about the game is that it seemed to take a little too long to find matches.
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