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Hey, My friends Fable 2 file wont load, any advice? (Archived)dragonfire1992811/10/2011
Looking for a decent gamepad for fighting games (Archived)XxAzraelxX211/10/2011
MW3 or Battlefield 3 - Help picking one. (Archived)
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Can you spend MSP on Games on demand? (Archived)HeLeeham411/10/2011
Is Rare going to make any more FPS games? What is the status of Rare anyways? (Archived)Ferarri619311/10/2011
Gonna trade some games in what shall I get (Archived)ponderingcow511/10/2011
When next gen Xbox comes out do we keep our Gamertags? (Archived)Ecotron811/10/2011
what are some good games that are almost out or fairly new? (Archived)owens_terrell81611/10/2011
Hello Games (Joe Danger) compares Sony and Microsoft (Archived)
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Sequels are becoming mechanical in the industry (Archived)
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fifa 'hacking/phishing' business (Archived)knives out911/10/2011
cheap vs expensive hdmi cable (Archived)
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OMG Did you guys see this???!!! Skyrim will have infinite generated quests (Archived)
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Walmart Black Friday deals (Archived)GOcegueda311/10/2011
No "easy" way to use 1 account on 2 consoles? (Archived)GoIrish801011/10/2011
next gen (Archived)TKOK23311/9/2011
occasionally getting a disk-read error. disk in but dash says open tray. (Archived)Marlboro_Reds211/9/2011
Call of duty raises the bar yet again. MW3 soars past 90% in reviews. (Archived)
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Poll: Do you like COD or not? (Archived)
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Why is this board so friendlier than negativity (Archived)
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