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Afterglow controllers? (Archived)
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Modem to Xbox connection (Archived)gielj18/27/2011
A quick question about blocking a GT on friends list. (Archived)JascoD28/27/2011
Can't access saved game on my hard drive!! Help! (Archived)arkanum_28/27/2011
Problem solving A.I. (Archived)
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Is the forums working for anyone else? (Archived)TehFOMaster18/27/2011
mw3 vs. bf3, which one will have more uav or gunship action in single player? (Archived)ccw4738/27/2011
Some content is not availible - XBL (Archived)Brucebee58/27/2011
I'm actually surprised more people aren't bashing Halo Anniversary for... (Archived)
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Friend just got me a 3 month card but... (Archived)hellbringher88/27/2011
I'm looking for a game to introduce me to WRPG (Archived)
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What the hell EA? Can someone help me out (Archived)tonysparks38/27/2011
Anyone else feel more addicted to collecting games than playing them? (Archived)
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How do you manage your retail games collection when it gets big? (Archived)
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What is this "Expansion Pack" game? (Archived)VividAxis48/27/2011
recomend me some games (Archived)
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Did everyone finally warm up to the avatars? (Archived)
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Lawl, I just got AC Brotherhood for my b-day. The manual is only one page thick (Archived)
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Rate my setup, one year after I bought my Xbox 360. (Archived)AntiBlazexc18/27/2011
New Rayman needs to be 30$ max. (Archived)
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