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Disc Tray on 360 S issue? (Archived)69taker6919/2/2011
How many hours a day do you play video games? (Archived)
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Looking for a good B-List RPG (Archived)
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WHY Oh WHY OH WHYYYYY XBOX GAME CREATURES?! (Archived)bigboycj69/2/2011
Can I use my 360 controller to play pc games? (Archived)SMR II29/2/2011
Fair trade for a PS3 (Archived)mooocooow0299/2/2011
Games on Demand (Archived)Zero_souled39/2/2011
GAH! What game should I get? (Archived)
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Will there be any way to tell when you buy a 250GB 360 if its glossy or matte? (Archived)ExplorerSP29/2/2011
Cod:XP Live feed @ 11:30 PST (LINK HERE) (Archived)SODIS49/2/2011
Can someone recommend some games? (Archived)
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god dammit. I can't find divinity 2 Dragon knight saga anywhere. Its ticking (Archived)
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Bullet Storm $15 at Best Buy. (Archived)crazybot39/2/2011
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood CE $50 on Amazon (Archived)DarkKnghtAnon19/2/2011
In the next 12 months, what are your top 5 most anticipated video games (Archived)
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What's the deal with so many games releases in a month? (Archived)Mindwipe7789/2/2011
What are some good games that could be finished in one day? (Archived)
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Which of these 3 games should I get? (Archived)MHGALE39/2/2011
Purchase any 2 Avatar items or more in September and get 80 Points back. (Archived)SuperSuikoden69/2/2011
Recommend me a rental (Archived)Mentalpatient8799/2/2011