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games with cool/original ideas, or thinking outside the box (Archived)dorime69/9/2011
I imagined every mission in ME2 to be like the last mission (maybe spoilers) (Archived)
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Why won't developers create a multiplayer game and a campaign game separately... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
My old xbox got the RROD but... (Archived)Bs_Jester59/9/2011
What games are you looking forward to for 2012? (Archived)levyjl198879/9/2011
Which Gears of War commercial do you like best? (Archived)
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can the 360 slim hard drive be taken out? (Archived)cyclonis_7349/9/2011
Where is the hype for Dark Souls? (Archived)
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Problem with hard drive data transfer (Archived)PK_Adam29/9/2011
can xbox live prevent you from playing a game before release? (Archived)Highly Evolved109/9/2011
deus ex or Dead island ? (Archived)Chop_Shop109/9/2011
Let's say Microsoft is to announce 3 new first party games. (Archived)
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Fallout: New Vegas is only $9.49 on Amazon (Archived)ImOutOfNames109/8/2011
That glow around highlighted characters needs to go away. (Archived)
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Those Halo: Reach discs from the update preview work on all consoles now, right? (Archived)TravisCombs59/8/2011
Persona 4 The Ultimate Midnight Arena [ N E W T R A I L E R ] (Archived)SuperSuikoden19/8/2011
too many good games. too little money. damn you light wallet! (Archived)robert2189/8/2011
Trying not to be a troll which version of Oblivion and Fallout 3 is superior? (Archived)Onipaladin109/8/2011
what do you guys think? (Archived)stephen_3168639/8/2011
keep me up to date with games, last one was black ops and i want a new one (Archived)pairenoid29/8/2011
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