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Anyone here refers to LB/LT and RB/RT as L1/L2/R1/R2? (Archived)
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Need game suggestions... (Archived)warior5597/18/2011
"Can't downoad" problem (Archived)Dristin17/18/2011
xbox 360 hard drive ban (Archived)masterpelz277/18/2011
If you do a system update do you get exited out of your game? (Archived)iamjosh10757/18/2011
How come Xbox Live isnt accepting my new Debit card?? (Archived)knickfan4life37/18/2011
Why isn't there a sequel to Lost Odyssey, but there are two sequels to WKC? (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff107/18/2011
Does anyone else have trouble with playing Xbox games on 360? (Archived)TheRavenKC12327/18/2011
Rendering is one thing. Being able to animate it is a whole other ball game. (Archived)
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trick to fixing scratched 360 disks? (Archived)duke_nuke4737/18/2011
Did you score one of the Best Buy 9.99 Limbo/S.Man/Trials? (Archived)Gunvalkyrie257/18/2011
2011, Mediocre Year for Games? And What Will Redeem It? (Archived)
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Do you prefer playing as your own race in video games? (Archived)
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Looking to trade a wired controller into Gamestop... (Archived)crazedmonkey20077/18/2011
The credit card I used to use for Xbox live I no longer have but... (Archived)CamelJames2887/18/2011
NPD - Xbox 360 sells 507,000 units, doubles PS3 and Wii (Archived)
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I really hope 360 completely plays out the FPS genre. It's stale now. (Archived)
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My 360 is freezing like crazy (Archived)ArtieLange2201497/18/2011
Games you're waiting for a price drop on.. (Archived)
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So why did MS give up on putting Xbox OG games on Games on Demand? (Archived)LIsJustice87/18/2011