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Why'd they remove the color on the face buttons on the new Xbox 360 controller? (Archived)
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I wish there was a current gen shoot'em up RPG for Xbox 360. (Archived)knightimex67/11/2011
ok last time i want your guys feedback (Archived)bigpoppapat47/11/2011
Is there a site listing the prices of XBLA games? (Archived)LoveMyPS327/11/2011
Just bought a Kinect 4gb bundle and have a question. (Archived)Zazabar97/11/2011
New head phones. (Archived)
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Any solutions to Play & Charge kits not working right? (Archived)
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As a owner of all three consoles since launch. The 360 is king! (Archived)tonysparks27/11/2011
Has anyone used Hulu Plus on both 360 and PS3? (Archived)N3cro55_2787/11/2011
All I do is watch Netflix and play NBA 2K11 on my Xbox 360 (Archived)
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I found a solution for your multi disc needs (some assembly required) (Archived)Sivik177/11/2011
Requesting an original Gamertag name (Archived)
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Young Playa137/11/2011
The one simple reasons gamers say games have no soul today (Archived)
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Platformers? (Archived)
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Do most racing games allow you to choose to steer with either analog or D-pad ? (Archived)Kano9227/11/2011
Which controller should I buy? (Archived)K4V67/11/2011
Using ethernet cable from my computer to my xbox (Archived)BigTlovesBEER77/11/2011
Wtf Gears (Archived)
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Good or Evil? (Archived)
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It's annoying that all the top games are coming out in November (Archived)
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