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any JRPG loot finding games (Archived)
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Which Spiderman game should I check out? (Archived)AshWilliams7847/10/2011
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Would anyone reccomend The Last Remnant? (Archived)
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I have one problem with games which try to make you feel like you are the player (Archived)
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250GB Slim Deal (Archived)Zantrax47/10/2011
Mass Effect 2 Artwork (Archived)LEGEND_KILLERRR47/10/2011
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Holy Crap, the fall update looks awesome. (Archived)
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death cloud957/10/2011
to people that have dynasty warriors strikeforce (Archived)tiamat99917/10/2011
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What happened to the news? (Archived)pothocket77/10/2011
Come here if you think anyone that compares gears and uncharted is stupid (Archived)
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Sacred 2 or Risen (Archived)the_celtic_lynx107/10/2011
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Your fav most unique multiplayer modes (Archived)jaymart_2k97/10/2011
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