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This board is overrating deus ex Human Revelations, big time......... (Archived)
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What does the slim have over the original Xbox? (Archived)knightimex78/11/2011
new info regarding Kingdoms of Amalur, potentially the best rpg this generation (Archived)
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Please explain why Nier is amazing. (Archived)MHGALE88/11/2011
Is it worth getting the 4GB version? (Archived)RedJackson78/11/2011
Anybody play pocket fighters anymore? (Archived)Cinn_kentsu8938/11/2011
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Top 5 Fighting Cutscenes? (Archived)pspoweryeah38/11/2011
Top 10 racing games in the Xbox dash.. (Archived)Ascoltare88/11/2011
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Split/Second or Blur? (Archived)nhamilton31068/11/2011
Troble shooting help (Archived)WiiareVenom38/11/2011
How many maps are included in Gears of war platinum edition? (Archived)hellbringher28/11/2011
Which XBOX originals should i buy? (Archived)
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Can I use MS Points in place of a CC? (Archived)Jeod_Cripto38/11/2011
anyone do that best buy preorder 5 get $100 (Archived)axelfooley2k548/11/2011
Does the 360 record gameplay times? (Archived)
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A few internet questions from a newbie (Archived)chad186358/11/2011