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Best Racing Wheel and Pedal Setup? (Archived)
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I will still have a backlog by the time the xbox 1440 rolls around (Archived)Highly Evolved58/14/2011
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Xbox 360 or PS3? (Archived)blablablax1788/14/2011
Am I the only person here that does give a crap about Acheivements (Archived)
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In your opinion, what was the "best" year for the xbox 360. I think its 2008... (Archived)
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Problem downloading a game from games on demand (Archived)slayer648838/14/2011
Top 10 Emotional/Sad Scenes In Games *Spoilers, duh!* (Archived)
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question regarding turtle beach headset audio aoutput(mic) (Archived)sprittracker88/14/2011