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What was the last "NEW" Capcom's you've purchased. (Archived)
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Resident Evil 5 (Archived)horror_spooky37/23/2011
Need an unbiased opinion between choices on three downloadable items. (Archived)CalistoCoon67/23/2011
If I link a screenshot, can u guys tell me how big kingdom of amalur's map is? (Archived)bronze4v4pro67/23/2011
This is what I expect Xbox 720 visuals to look like. (Archived)
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The new R2-D2 console is awesome.... (Archived)
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Resideni Evil HD collection. (Archived)TyrantLowKey67/23/2011
RE4 HD coming to retail? (Archived)
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Whats your top 5 online games? (Archived)ziadon67/23/2011
Bastion, I love this soundtrack !!! (Archived)DOWBLACKNINJA17/23/2011
Thank Buddha that Mass Effect movie is based on ME1 (Archived)
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First Bioware, now Capcom? (Archived)
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C/D: Forza 4 will simulate driving well, because you can use your hands (Archived)Dakota_Devil67/23/2011
PX21 and the Xbox 360 (S Console) Compatibility Issue (Archived)pizzleonfire47/23/2011
One thing that would make Dark Souls or Demon's Souls a better game. (Archived)oasisbeyond97/23/2011
what ever happened to metal gear solid rising? (Archived)XxTrifuzzxX107/23/2011
Why isn't the Silent Hill Collection coming to Xbox 360? (Archived)
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Is there an UPDATED installed size list anywhere? (Archived)Cyber Akuma Zero87/23/2011
xbox restarts when i change inputs on TV (Archived)
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schindigg117/23/2011 did that update change anything? (Archived)Solid Sonic67/23/2011