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9 years ago#11
6. Q. Does a PS3 work on an SDTV?
Yes, the PS3 is capable of displaying SD and ED signals that will work for any particular tv you may have.

7. Q. What kind of headset should I get?
The PS3 will work with virtually every Bluetooth headset on the market as well as USB headsets. Old PS2 headsets also work. For clarity, go USB. For convenience, go Bluetooth.

8. Q. My PS3 is acting up, has anyone experienced this problem?
Up until now, the PS3 has been extremely reliable. If a quick glance over the topic list doesn’t show anything similar, odds are, your PS3 has a unique issue. Try checking the troubleshooting page on: or contacting Consumer Services: 1-800-345-SONY (7669)
Monday - Saturday 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM PST
Sunday 7:00 - AM 6:30 PM PST

9. Q. Can my PS3 play import PS1/2 games?
No, your PS3 can play PS3 games from any region but older Playstation titles are still region locked as they were on their respective systems.

10. Q. I recently purchased my first Blu-ray movie and I am playing it on a widescreen HDTV but I still see the black bars on the top and bottom of my screen. How can I get the movie to fill up my screen?
A. A 16:9 TV’s aspect ratio is equivalent to 1.78:1. This is the standard for High-Definition signals. Most movies when put on to a disc in widescreen format use wider aspect ratios to help preserve the original film’s aspect ratio. This is the reason for the black bars on your screen. You would see these bars whether the movie was on Blu-ray, DVD, or HD-DVD. You can check the back of the box to see what aspect ratio the movie is in. An alternative would be to change the aspect ratio on your TV to a “Zoom” aspect but you will likely be cutting off part of the picture.

11. Q. Sometimes when I turn off my PS3, I hear three beeps as opposed to the usual one beep. What does this mean and is there something wrong with my PS3?
A. The three beeps mean your Playstation is shutting down a service(application, game, download, etc.) before shutting off to avoid risk of data loss. This is perfectly normal and does not mean your unit is faulty in any way.

12. Q.Am I hurting my PS3’s laser by using it as a full-time Blu-ray player?*vliam*
A. The problem isn't with the laser of the PS2. It was a design flaw in the shuttle mechanism of the laser.
Continuous usage caused a misalignment of the laser.
90% of these problem could be fixed with a small adjustment of the white gear shown in this photo,

The PS3 has a different design. That gear is missing from the current drive,

A little research on PC drives show that the current Blu-ray drives have a MTBF (mean time between failure) of 50,000-60,000 hours.
Some of the slot-loading DVD drives that I looked up had a mean of 25,000 loads before failure.

In other words, you should be fine.

13. Q.Can I charge my controllers when the PS3 is off/in stand-by?
A.No, the controllers will only charge when the PS3 is fully powered on.
9 years ago#12
VIII. Common Concerns\Issues*Snadados*

Emotion Engine and emulation

This is the PS2’s CPU. As of right now and Emotion Engine chip, or EE as it may be called, can be found in every 20gig and 60gig PS3 sold in the US and Japan.
This, along with recent firmware updates, give US/JP PS3s near 100% compatibility with PS and PS2 games.
Very soon, however, you will see 80gig models of PS3s on store shelves. These DO NOT have the EE chip, and rely on software emulation to simulate the EE chip and its functions.
This is not as effective as having an actual EE chip in the system and as a result not as many PS and PS2 games will be playable on the 80gig models of the PS3.
Firmware updates are always improving Backwards Compatibility, but it will more than likely never reach the level of BC that the Emotion Engine offers.

Virtual Memory Cards(PS1/2 Saving)

In order to play PS1 or PS2 games you need to make an internal virtual memory card for the respective system. To do this just look for an icon on you XMB called “Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)”. Click on that and you will be given the option to create and name a virtual memory card for either PS1 or PS2 games.

Assigning a virtual memory card

To do this, there are two methods to choose from. One is to highlight a virtual memory card located in the “Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)” menu and press triangle. The other method is to start a PS or PS2 game and press the PS button on the sixaxis controller. When you do you will see the option “Assign slots”. Select it and you will be given a list of PS and PS2 virtual memory cards on your HDD. Select one and you will be asked which slot you would like it to be assigned to.

Missing or corrupted saves on virtual memory cards/ Final Fantasy XII

There have been reports of saves on virtual memory cards being lost or corrupted. In nearly every case I have heard about Final Fantasy 12 game saves have been involved in some way. To reduce the risk or data being lost or corrupted I suggest doing the following:

Make a back up of your saves from time to time either by making a duplicate virtual memory card on your HDD or by backing your saves up on a USB/SD card.

IMPORTANT! I always recommend backing up all of your saves as losing data of this matter is never fun.
9 years ago#13
Temporary loss of signal between six axis and PS3

While this is not a frequent problem, at some point your sixaxis controller may lose its connection signal with the PS3 for roughly 1-3 seconds. This can result in characters turning in circles or shooting uncontrollably for a second or two. This does not seem to be a frequent occurrence and many people claim to have never experienced this issue. While no one knows for sure what is behind this, it is speculated that interference from the following could cause temporary signal loss:
Other blue tooth devices
Wireless routers
Wireless or cellular phones.

SIXAXIS controller reset

If you seem to be having problems with your six axis controller you may need to reset it and re-sync it with your PS3. First plug your sixaxis controller to your PS3 using the USB cable. Next, turn the controller over and located between the L2 trigger and a screw you will find a button recessed in the controller. Using a paper clip or a pin, press the reset button(tiny and red). Finally, turn it back over and press the PS button in the middle of the controller. Your sixaxis will re-sync and should be as good as new.

PS3 on a PC monitor and HDCP

You can use a PC monitor with a PS3 to play games and watch movies. This can be done with either and HDMI to DVI cable or with a video signal conversion box. However, if your PC monitor does not support HDCP you may have problems viewing movies or even seeing anything from the PS3. If your monitor does not support HDCP you may not be able to watch Blu-ray movies, at best, or at worse, not see anything at all. Also, no sound is carried over a DVI cable. You would have to use the A/ Multi/Optical Out port on your PS3 to connect your RCA cables to speakers, a receiver, etc. This is usually a case by case basis so feel free to ask how you should go about this.

PS3 Resolutions

HDMI is a digital high definition cable that supports the following resolutions:
480i Standard definition
480p Enhanced definition
720p High definition
1080i High definition
1080p High definition

Component cables are analog high definition cables that support the following resolutions:
480i Standard definition
480p Enhanced definition
720p High definition
1080i High definition
1080p High definition

NOTE: A lot of TVs will not accept a 1080p signal over component which has led to the misinformation that component cables can not handle a 1080p signal which is not true. Check your TV’s manual to see what resolutions are accepted over each input.

Composite cables are the standard cables that come with the PS3. They support the following resolution:
480i Standard definition.

S-Video cables provide a smoother analog picture than composite cables. They support the following resolution:
480i Standard definition
9 years ago#14
IX. Playstation 3 Titles – Official Game Sites

This is a list of Exclusive Playstation 3 titles that have Official Game Sites. For a complete list of Playstation 3 titles, please visit:

The Eye of Judgment



Formula One Championship Edition

Genji: Days of the Blade


Heavenly Sword


MLB 07: The Show

Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire


NBA 08

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Resistance: Fall of Man

Ridge Racer 7

Time Crisis 4

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune


X. Board Member FAQs/Guides

1. PS3 Model Differences*Noyeswhyme*

PS3 20GB

Price( At launch): 499.99

Status: Discontinued
WiFi: No
HDD: 20 GB
Bluetooth: Yes
HDMI port: Yes, 1
Ethernet Port: Yes, 1
AV Out: Yes
USB Port: Yes, 4
Blu-Ray Disc Drive(Read Only): Yes
Multi Slot Card Readers: No
PS2/PS1 Memory Card Slots: No
PS2/PS1 Controller Slots: No
Backwards compatibility for PS2 & PS1 games: Yes, through PS2 Hardware

PS3 40GB

Price(At launch): 399.99

Bundled With Spider-Man 3 Blu-Ray Movie

Status: Available
WiFi: yes
HDD: 40 GB
Bluetooth: Yes
HDMI port: Yes, 1
Ethernet Port: Yes, 1
AV Out: Yes
USB Port: Yes, 2
Blu-Ray Disc Drive(Read Only): Yes
Multi Slot Card Readers: No
PS2/PS1 Memory Card Slots: No
PS2/PS1 Controller Slots: No
Backwards compatibility for PS2 & PS1 games: Yes, for PS1 games through software emulation, No for PS2 games

PS3 60GB

Price(At launch): 599.99
Price(Current ): 499.99

Status: Discontinued
WiFi: Yes
HDD: 60 GB
Bluetooth: Yes
HDMI port: Yes, 1
Ethernet Port: Yes, 1
AV Out: Yes
USB Port: Yes, 4
Multi Slot Card Readers: Yes
PS2/PS1 Memory Card Slots: No
PS2/PS1 Controller Slots: No
Blu-ray Disc Drive(Read Only): Yes
Backwards compatibility for PS2 & PS1 games: Yes, through PS2 Hardware

PS3 80GB

Price(At launch): 599.99
Price(Current ): 499.99

Bundled With Motorstorm Game

Status: Available
WiFi: Yes
HDD: 80 GB
Bluetooth: Yes
HDMI port: Yes, 1
Ethernet Port: Yes, 1
AV Out: Yes
USB Port: Yes, 4
Blu-Ray Disc Drive(Read Only): Yes
Multi Slot Card Readers: Yes
PS2/PS1 Memory Card Slots: No
PS2/PS1 Controller Slots: No
Backwards compatibility for PS2 & PS1 games: Yes, through software emulation
9 years ago#15
2. PS3 Internet Browser Game Guide*moneycash84*

Grab a USB keyboard/mouse, and open up your NEW PS3's web browser. Then, proceed to bookmark all of the following websites, for quick access anytime you need them. Trust me having them in your bookmarks will save you time later, and allow you to jump right into the gaming.

#1 -
#2 -
#3 -
#4 -
#5 -
#6 -
#7 -
#8 -
#9 -

All the old school arcade games you could ever need, free to play whenever you want. So try them out, and save the ones you like. Trust me you can't possible look at all those sites, and not find one that you will want to remember for later use.

Also have fun with your new ps3, and your new PS3 games. If the prices in the PSN store turn you off. Just check out what you can play on those sites.

Alot of games are easily playable with the controller, but keyboard/mouse is suggested.
9 years ago#16
3. Linux Install Guide*arsios2*

This is a guide to installing Linux on your PS3! It is very easy and I can confirm it works!

What you will need:
PS3 (any version)
Blank CD-R (not RW)
CD Burner Program (MagicISO, NERO, etc.)
Mouse and Keyboard.


In this step you will have to delete the whole hard drive (reformat), but first (if you like) you can back up your files on the PS3. You do this by going to Settings>System>Back Up Utility>Back Up, then you insert a storage device (that may be any type of memory card, PSP etc.)

**NOTE** Depending on what you have on your hard-drive the back up may be well over 1 or 2GB's. My suggestion is to delete all the game data from Game>Data (that can be recovered when the game is inserted), and any demos, videos, and pics downloaded from PSN, as they can be downloaded again.

Now that’s out of the way! Go to Settings>System>Format>Quick Format as Full takes TOO long, Now select to partition for another OS, it will be 10GBs for the OS, and the rest for the PS3. After that it will restart and it will be done.


I will give you Four OS's you can choose from, IMO they are the Best PS3 Linux's out now! They are:





If I had to choose one for you, I would say Xubuntu, It has the most Support.

Now once you Download the Image you want (They are BIG files, so they may take a while!) you burn it with your favorite Burner Software to the Blank CD. No special options just burn it! I use MagicISO if you’re curious.


Now that you have the CD Burned, Insert the Disc into the PS3 and go to >Settings>System>Install Other OS, It will then search for the Kboot (which is on the Disc) and install it. Now got to Settings>System>Default System, click on it, and pick Other OS. The PS3 will restart and boot into a command line prompt. The prompt will look like this.


At this prompt just hit enter. A live session of, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, or Edubuntu will run (depending on what Ubuntu derivative you burned onto the CD). At this point you will have a complete desktop session of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, or Edubuntu running off the CD on your PS3. From here you may choose to do a hard drive installation. Just double-click on the "Install" icon and a wizard will guide you through the setup process.

That’s IT! You have Linux On your PS3! Pretty Easy Huh! Here’s One Last Step!


You are done with Linux and you want to go back to your PS3? No Problem! Restart your System (Turn on then off), Then in the command line prompt which should say:


Type in: boot-game-os

And that’s it you’re back! If you want to go back to linux, go to Settings>System>Default System>and pick Other.

And Finally to Uninstall the Linux, you just Reformat the HD.

REMEMBER: Always RTFM first!!!

One last thing, please do not fill this topic with any useless posts. If you have a question, feel free to ask but let’s keep this clean so there is room for updated information, questions, and issues. Thanks!
9 years ago#17
bump for useful-ness
9 years ago#18
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
9 years ago#19
I think this is the best feature ever... and it isn't really documented anywhere... so here:

The ability to organize games into albums and more:

[featured started with firmware 2.0]

Go to Game on the XMB and press triangle on a downloaded software. Then select information. There will be a flashing text box next to album. Name the album to whatever you like, and that game will then be put into the album that you just named.

By pressing square you can group the content by format, album, or just all. If you press triangle, you can also select the grouping in that way as well. When viewing all, you can sort the games by date created, format, or by recently played.

You must name each album for every title you select. If you have a lot of content and do not want to type out long exact names repeatedly, then make a generic label like "W". Then press triangle on the folder "W", go to information, and rename the album to whatever you wish after you are done organizing.

Videos can also organized in this same manner. If you have a lot of video files, I recommend making simple album names and then renaming them once you are done organizing them.
9 years ago#20
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