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PS3 Board FAQ Version 4.0

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Jack, big game coming up on Thursday. I hoping my 'boys can defend home field.
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Yea, I suspect a shoot out.
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Game Saves FAQ:
For gamesaves to be transferred for PS3 games from online to your console:

Here's the easiest way, and I don't even think all this is necessary. I would first try to copy the save file from gamefaqs or where ever you get it from onto an external memory card (stick duo, flash, SD, etc) then go to the game saves folder under games in the PS3 media bar after plugging in the external card, the card will show up at the top of your saved games... Hi-lite it, press triangle, select show all, then select the save you want, and hit copy, and it will do the rest...

Smoothest way possible (a little extra effort). Place the external mem card in the PS3 first! Then copy an existing game save to the card, THEN take it to your PC. Now the exact directory the PS3 saves games to will be listed on the card, so open the card up and click through the folders until you find the save from your PS3, then save all your downloaded game saves to that directory and you won't have to hit triangle and show all, the PS3 will recognize the saves as soon as you select the memory card from "game saves" under "games" on the media bar.

Or you could create your own directory on the card...
X:/PS3/SAVEDATA <<not sure if that's correct, but the above method will make it for you if this isn't right

keep track of the last couple digits of the saved games, because 01, 02, 03 etc will replace any current saved games you have on your PS3 for that particular game. I always change the last number to 9 and start to count down. The PS3 will ask if you want to over write saved data if the number already exists amongst your saves. NOTE: sometimes changing the last digit will result in corrupting the data, the easiest way to avoid replacing your original saves, is to save them multiple times under different names before you import another save from your memory device.

FOR PS2/PS1 saves:
THIS WOULD BE THE .PSV format found at


You can search the internet for .psv saves - Thanks to some help on these boards the best resource was pointed out to me: stated above). Once you have said file *.psv all you need is a memory card, any card will do, even a flash drive.

Create these folders in the memory card:
then save the *.psv file to that directory, save as many as you want here

Then load up the PS3 with memory card installed,
go to the "Game" icon in the Op screen,
then to the "Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)",
then select your external memory card/flash drive or whatever you saved the file to, and it will show you in old school icon style all your saved games you put in the PSV directory
All you have to do from there is hit triangle, and select copy, and a virtual card to house your new save.

The directory on the card has to be in all caps

You can request game saves at for PS2 games. You cannot download game saves from directly to the PS3 while on the PS3 browser since they are .zip files. If you unzip them, and post them to a website of your own, then you can download them directly to the PS3, in their native format they will be recognized and saved to the gamesave utility, after a download file prompt. You will not be able to download the saves in the background though, you will have to wait it out... all 15-30 seconds.

Hope this helps people.
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So much info O_o
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Posted 11/16/2007 2:47:27 PM
Can I use a HDMI-to-DVI cable and just keep the audio stream via scart?

Posted 11/16/2007 2:48:50 PM
Yes, you can.

I'm...not getting it to work -.-
Finally bought the cable today and AC looks 200% more gorgeous, but I'm not getting any sound despite leaving the scart plugged in and the audio settings to scart.
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Done, still nothing. I actually have tochange the channel on my tv (using the "source" button on my remote putting it on a DVI channel instead of the usual AV channel") to get an image.
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