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PS2/PS3 Save Files FAQ

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User Info: ReillONeill

9 years ago#61
Very useful topic.
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User Info: WildcatPride

9 years ago#62
Very easy question for my lame brain:

How can I save multiple saves of the same type of file?

Such as in my Madden season so I can have my own dynasty & my roommate has his own?

It always seems to overwrite
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User Info: BigRedNY

9 years ago#63
So with the 1.80 firmware, you can transfer PS2 files from the PS3 back to the PS2 memory card?
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User Info: nimerjm37

9 years ago#65
So with the 1.80 firmware, you can transfer PS2 files from the PS3 back to the PS2 memory card?

I don't know much about firmware or whatever, but the question remains the same. I'd like to transfer my Kingdom Hearts II file from my PS3 to my PS2. Yeah, I COULD start from scratch, but if there is any way to not have to play as Roxas again, I'm going for it.

Thanks for the help!
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User Info: Hadesboy

9 years ago#66
HELP!, I download a resistance fall of man save onto my flash drive (after making all the folders and stuff). Then i go plug it into my ps3 and it doesn't read the flash drive under the saved game data. Please help
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User Info: CLupula

9 years ago#67
There is no "official" Sony MC converter.

actually, there is. it's made by sony themselves. i found one at my local gamestop. transferred all my ps1 and ps2 files in like 2 minutes.

User Info: jess_wz

9 years ago#68
i download uncharted save data from gamefaqs and transfer to my ps3...and the data appear at the menu saved data utility,but when i go in to the game i couldnt see the data i download....why...

User Info: ultradaved

9 years ago#69
To nimerjim: the memory card adaptor is a 2-way street. So, yes. PS3 data can be written to a PS2 memory card.

My question is whether I can use the PS3 to reformat/defragment a PS2 memory card. Or how to do that in general. I have a PS2, a PS3, and a PS3 memory card adaptor. Can I reformat or defragment the memory card? How? Sorry for being so technically ignorant, but what exactly is the difference between those two things? Which is better?

Another question: part of the reason I want to know is because of the Soul Calibur 3 corruption bug, if any of you are familiar with that. Have any of you experienced that on the PS3? What did it do?

User Info: RHelgDrez

9 years ago#70
Confirming that you can copy saves from the PS3 to a PS2 memory card using the official device.

The kind lady at EB told me that I wouldn't be able to do this.

She was wrong.
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