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Why Is Gran Turismo 5 Still $60 After 8 Months?!

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User Info: Kcrack

5 years ago#31
Eh? Here in Australia, it's already less than half the price it was at launch (at JB Hifi).
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User Info: drags_

5 years ago#32
big boss222 posted...
It should be hitting greatest hits status soon right?

Yup, just like every other GT game, even Prologue sold enough to receive Greatest Hits status.

User Info: iPr0kkaFTW

5 years ago#33
When can we expect a lower price for GT5?

User Info: CooperRC

5 years ago#34
Just wait some more. The game is not moving off the shelf any more at that price. It will not see anymore significant sales until there is a major price drop.

User Info: R0N1N187

5 years ago#35
MW2 is still $60 new as well.

User Info: chrisat928

5 years ago#36
Go to Wal-mart, it's $40.
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User Info: Siege

5 years ago#37
Forza 3 went down in price probably 6 months after the release. And people call MS greedy.
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User Info: mogar002

5 years ago#38
Because people are still willing to pay that price.
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User Info: Juan_Bumpez

5 years ago#39
Well it's a better game now with extra content from seasonals, patches etc. All of which, so far, is free unlike most games. It's actual value as a game has been much improved since launch.
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