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Can we get rid of tutorials in today's games?

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User Info: desert_santa

5 years ago#21
Sorry TC, I need those tutorials. It's either that or having to read the manuals. I'd rather learn in game ^-^

User Info: CthulhuDagon

5 years ago#22
SolaceIX posted...
Demon's Souls:

How to attack followed by a very quick lesson on how to blow a rape whistle.

Also Witcher 2: Dragon says hi.

Definitely This. "Tutorials" can be done right if they're done in the vein of The Witcher 2 or similar. Or actually now that I I think about it, Heavy Rain's "tutorial" intro is done well also.
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User Info: SODIS

5 years ago#23
Siege posted...
Why does every single game need a tutorial especially when they basically use the same control scheme? O is to duck. X is to jump. R1 is shoot. L1 is aim. Games aren't getting any more complicated and are actually getting shorter, so a lengthy tutorial is pretty unnecessary.

Agreed. Tutorials are a massive waste of space. Leave the tutorial stuff to the game manuals and spend that extra resources on making the game more enjoyable. It was cool for a few games, but now it's just painfully tedious. And developers are wondering why their expenses are so high....

User Info: anonymous46773

5 years ago#24
I love tutorials.
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