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How Many Times Have you Beaten UC1 & UC2

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User Info: Soratami

5 years ago#31
1 and 0

User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#32
I think about 6 times each.

Rented Uncharted and finished it, getting all medals.
Bought it and platinumed it.

Bought Uncharted 2 and platinum'd it, and have played it through a couple of times since for kicks.
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User Info: NeatNate

5 years ago#33
melvinmelon123 posted...
2 times each

This. Once on hard and the other on crushing.
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User Info: ThAce6

5 years ago#34
UC 1: 5 times. The fifth time I beat it in 1 hour and 38 mins on Easy using bonus cheats.

UC 2: 4 times I think.
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User Info: IKnowGameFu

5 years ago#35
3 and 3. Once for Normal, Hard, and Crushing.
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User Info: LunarRoar

5 years ago#36
UC1: Twice before the trophy patch (normal and hard), twice more after the patch (normal and hard, again), once again before Uncharted 2 released (hard), and one last time on Crushing for the Platinum. Making it a total of 6 times.

UC2: Once on Normal, twice on Hard, once on Crushing for a total of 4 times by the time I got the Platinum.

User Info: kloud 11

kloud 11
5 years ago#37
UC1: 15+
UC2: 2

User Info: OtakuGamera

5 years ago#38
twice each
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