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Do you think it's unethical to....

#1Junpei_StupeiPosted 7/10/2011 11:01:22 PM
Permanently place a "Trophy List" into your account for simply playing a demo?

Super Star Dust HD does this. They place their stuff into your virtual space without your consent.

I think I bought the wrong console this gen.
#2melvinmelon123Posted 7/10/2011 11:02:37 PM

And I'm pretty sure there would be something like this in the PSN user agreement form. So you did give consent
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#3SODISPosted 7/10/2011 11:03:24 PM
Yes, I hate seeing those 0%.....What once started as a computer-error turned into a devious scheme to taunt the trophy-whores & completionists.
#4jubjub360Posted 7/10/2011 11:04:44 PM

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Hmm.... nope. Seems right. What if you end up buying the game in the future? It's completely fair.
#5lambchipsPosted 7/10/2011 11:06:05 PM(edited)
poor junpei, i bet you accidentally dl'd a gta4 demo and now you have gta 4 on your trophy list
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#6arstosPosted 7/11/2011 12:04:52 AM
this is why i have an account for trying out demo's or games i suspect i won't like. i don't care much about trophys but it is annoying seeing a game i'm never going to play again or hated listed
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